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Pest Control in Vancouver 

Vancouver has a lot going for it. The city proper is home to more than 600,000 residents. That’s enough to make it the most populous city in British Columbia. The Greater Vancouver Area boasts close to 2.5 million residents, making it the third most populated area in Canada. 

Along with museums, historic sites, and an excellent education, homeowners also have to deal with pest issues common to any metropolitan area. That’s where choosing the right solution for pest control becomes important. When you choose to call Responders Pest Control, you can rest assured that our team will detect any issue in your home and offer you the latest approaches to pest control in Vancouver. Here are a few answers to questions that we often hear from homeowners when they contact us.

When Should I Contact Professional Pest Control Company in Vancouver? 

There is more than one right time to contact a professional pest control company in Vancouver. If you happen to notice any type of pest in your home, calling for help immediately is a smart choice. Pest infestations don’t fade away on their own. Once pests are in the house, the situation will only get worse. 

While you could try using over the counter products, they rarely do little more than control the portion of the infestation you can see. There could be many more of the same pests lurking in places that you never considered. The only way to really rid the home of the problem is to call a professional. 

The other time to call professionals is when you see nothing but wonder if there is a problem. For example, you remember that your home has not been inspected in over a year. Arranging for an inspection will yield one of two results. Either the professional will determine there are no pests in the home, or the pro will detect an infestation and work with you to eliminate it. Whatever the findings, you come out on top. 

What Services Can I Get from a Pest Control Company? 

The better pest control services in Vancouver offer solutions that rid homes of all sorts of pests. With Responders, you have professionals who can deal with critters like mice or rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, and and ants. Other pests like bees or wasps can also be successfully eliminated. Even if you have a problem that seems a little more exotic, there’s a good chance our team can help. 

How Often Should I Have My House Checked For Pests? 

There is some debate about how often residential properties should be checked for infestations. The simplest answer is that you should have a professional pest control company in Vancouver conduct a full inspection at least once a year. The inspection should include looking for signs of pest issues around the home’s exterior as well as inside. 

If you have experienced a specific type of pest issue, choosing to have inspections two or three times a year is reasonable. This is especially true if there’s something about your property that tends to attract certain types of pests. The more frequent inspections makes it easier to detect an  infestation in the early stages and deal with it before things can get worse. Along with preventing the pests from taking over the home, you also avoid damage to the framework, the insulation, and the wiring that many pests can cause. 

Keep in mind that service contracts do include periodic treatments for certain kinds of pests. The provisions in those contracts often allow homeowners to request a specific number of full inspections per year. Another perk is that the service contract usually covers multiple types of pests and provides treatments at no additional cost or for deeply discounted rates. You may find this approach offers the protection desired and also ends up costing less over time. 

Call us today and let’s talk about the options for pest control in Vancouver that Responders Pest Control has to offer. Whether you have found a problem or wonder how you can protect your home from an infestation, we have solutions. Once the free inspection is done, we’ll sit down with you and come up with a plan of action that ensures your home becomes and remains pest free.

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