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Have you ever wondered if the people who come out to deal with your pest problem ever had to deal with a similar issue? In my case, it was a full-blown bed bugs infestation that led me to establish Responders Pest Control. Let me tell you what happened.

After a rough day at work, I came home and stretched out on my bed for some quiet time. Glancing over, I spotted what looked like a tiny bug moving along on my sheet. That was the last thing I expected to find. After all, I’m a clean person. How could a bug, any bug, end up in my home?

Along with my shock at seeing the bug, there was a little mortification. What if my neighbors found out I had bed bugs? What would they think? Something had to be done and it had to be done now.

I found numbers for the local extermination companies and began to make calls. Since it was after their usual hours, no one was picking up. The best I could get was voice mail. I’ll bet you can understand the frustration I felt when not even one of them had a live person on duty to take the call.

Bright and early the next morning, I called one of the pest control companies in town that happens to have a very famous name. To say my call was greeted with cool detachment is an understatement. I had apparently interrupted the receptionist in the middle of something that was far more important than answering a phone. Instead of experiencing any sympathy for my plight and transferring me to someone who could help, she insisted on sending me a form to fill out and return. That so called “preparation sheet” was intended to tell the exterminator everything needed to treat my home. It was also intended to tell me everything I needed to do before the exterminator arrived, whenever that would be. That thing was five pages long!

So what was I to do while waiting for a pest control expert to grace my doorway? Some of the action items included removing light fixtures, pulling away baseboards, and in general dismantling my house. Only after I had torn it to pieces would I be granted a visit by the expert. Can you imagine the direction my frustration was heading?

Now here’s the kicker: even after I had done all of these action items, it would be a minimum of two weeks before someone would show up and do anything about my bed bug problem. In the meantime, I guess I was supposed to let the bugs spread to any part of the house I wanted. It seemed as if no one has any sense of urgency other than myself.

Finally, the day arrived when the exterminator showed up. He arrived in a company vehicle sporting the largest cockroach on the side panel that I had ever seen. Any hopes I had to discreetly keep the problem from my neighbors went right out the window.

Manners apparently wasn’t a requirement for employment with this extermination company. With a grunt or two, the exterminator set about spraying chemicals around the house and presenting me with a bill that made my jaw drop to the floor. From start to finish, the guy was there for no more than a half-hour.

The worst thing was the treatments did next to nothing. Over the next day or so, I found live bed bugs in my dresser drawers, crawling around on the furniture, and having a good old time playing on my freshly laundered bedding. A frantic call informed me that the exterminator would be happy to come back - for a price.

It took three rounds of treatments to finally bring the problem under control. Some of my furniture had to go since the treatments did not get them completely out of the padding. I paid an unreasonable sum, put up with surly people from start to finish, and had to replace several cherished pieces of furniture. I swore that would never happen to me again.

That’s when I decided to start my own company. And that’s why Responders Pest Control places so much emphasis on appreciating our customers and providing the latest in pest control treatments, including heat treatments that kill bugs and eggs deep in the upholstery. Through it all, we keep our rates affordable. And if our customers see bugs in the days after we finish, we will be back. Our work is guaranteed.

Have you experienced a less than satisfactory round with another pest control service? Call us the next time you need help. We really do care and we will do everything we can to take proper care of you and your home.

-Michael Jones

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