Waking up in the morning and itching all over could mean you’ve an allergy or bed bugs. If there’s something on bed linens that shouldn’t be there and you detect movement, it’s most likely the latter. If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs, there’s only 1 approach to take. Follow these steps.

Bed Bugs in Kamloops at All Time High - How To Get Rid of Them?

11 June, 2018 Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs in Kamloops at All Time High - How To Get Rid of Them?

Waking up in the morning feeling as if you are itching all over could mean you have an allergy or it could mean you have bed bugs. If there's something on the bed linens that shouldn't be there and you detect movement, it's most likely the latter. If you really want to know how to get rid of bed bugs quickly and with the best results, there's only one approach to take. Follow these steps and the bugs will soon be history.

Take Pictures First

To begin the process of ridding your home of bed bugs in Kamloops, grab your phone and take several images. The goal is to capture images of those tiny bugs on the bed linens. It wouldn't hurt to take a few shots of the bites on your arms as well.

The point of taking images is to have something you can forward to an expert. Before any treatment series can commence, you want confirmation that the problem really is bed bugs. Once a professional checks the images and determines your suspicions are correct, you can move on to the next step in learning how to kill bed bugs.

Have a Professional Visit Your Home

Now that you know the problem is bed bugs in Kamloops, it's time to have a professional take a look. This is important, since you will likely only see a portion of the problem. Professionals know where to look for the bugs, including how to determine if there are signs they have made their way into the closets, the window treatments, and some of the furniture upholstery. By having an exterminator determine the extent of the infestation, it will be easier to arrange the right approach to treating the home.

Move Furniture Away From the Wall

While you wait for the professional to arrive, you can prepare the house for the inspection. Move furniture away from the wall, since bed bugs may be lurking along the baseboards. You don't have to move everything to the middle of the room, but having enough space for the pro-fessional to check behind each piece of furniture increases the odds of finding every area where the bugs are lurking. When the actual process for bed bugs extermination in Kamloops begins, the professional will have an easier time of properly treating every square inch of space that's affected, and kill the adults and eggs that may be found in all sorts of places.

Cooperate With The Exterminator

Depending on the severity of the infestation, the exterminator is likely to have some specific suggestions of what must be done. Many will tell you that the best way to get rid of bed bugs is using modern heat treatments. This is true, since targeted heat kills adults and eggs alike. If the professional recommends heat, give your permission immedi-ately. The heat can get into the deepest part of the mattress and all of your upholstered pieces. That means instead of having to replace them, you get to keep using them for many more years.

So how do you get rid of bed bugs without a lot of hassle? The only real solution is to leave the job in the hands of a professional. Doing so ensures that the treatments are more effective, there is less potential of needing additional treatments, and things can get back to normal a lot faster.

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