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Pest Control in Kelowna: What Difference Does it Make?

As the third largest metropolitan area in British Columbia, the greater Kelowna area has a lot to offer. The population of Kelowna proper is slightly less than 130,000 while greater area is home to just over 190,000.  The abundant access to lakes, forests, and plenty of things to do make it a great place to live. All those qualities also mean that the residents have to deal with pests from time to time. 

Many of the forms of pest control in Kelowna have to do with the pests common in any city or town. Seasonal changes in weather conditions trigger infestations. Other events, such as the increased potential for seasonal fires can mean pests as well as people make their way to other parts of the city and beyond. For example, an August 2017 fire in the Joe Rich area led to the evacuation of 474 properties. As humans and pests returned, the fight was on to get rid of vermin and other pests before they could get too settled into those properties. 

Infestations are nothing to take lightly. Even if you only think there may be a problem, call a pest control service and arrange for a professional to inspect your home. Doing so will protect you and your property in more ways than one.

How Do I Know If I Need Pest Control Services?

Many people assume that their homes are pest-free because they don’t see anything scampering across their floors or along walls. In fact, infestations begin well before most people notice anything is happening. If you want to know if you have a pest problem and could use help from a pest control company in Kelowna, be on the lookout for these signs: 

  1. Your home has an odor that won’t go away. Different types of pest build nests in the home insulation. Those nests are for more than a cozy place to sleep or to procreate. They can also be places where waste is eliminated. As the insulation is soaked with urine and waste, the odor will begin to spread throughout the house. If no amount of cleaning makes the odd scent go away, take that as a sign you have a pest problem. 
  1. Frayed food packaging is more common. Those slightly frayed edges on boxes of cereal and other foodstuffs are not due to the routine scraping that happens when you remove and return things to the pantry. They could be signs that some sort of pest is attempting to gnaw through the boxes in search of something to eat. Don’t wait until you see holes in boxes and bags; assume you have a pest problem and call a professional. 
  1. You notice tiny specks on the floor. If you look closer, those specks are actually waste left by pests like rats or mice. What you see on the floor is only a small part of the problem. You need an expert in pest control services in Kelowna to find out how severe the infestation happens to be, and what it will take to get rid of the pests.

Pest Control Services in Kelowna

Throughout Kelowna and the surrounding area, you will find that an expert in pest control in West Kelowna and the other communities have many types of support to offer. Taking care of rats or mice is one of the more common solutions provided. The team from Responders Pest Control can locate every nest created by the rodents and eliminate them with ease. 

The options for pest control also include dealing wit roaches. Since they can carry diseases, you need them out of the house as quickly as possible. A professional knows how to take care of the problem and what preventive measures will keep the roaches from coming back. 

Wasps and bees can be issues during warmer weather. Even if no one in your home is allergic to the bites, they still hurt. A professional knows how to remove hives and nests safely and ensure the problem does not happen again. 

Bed bugs spread quickly and cause a lot of discomfort. Getting rid of them is no small feat. With professional heat treatments like those used by Responders, it’s much easier to free your home from the bed bugs and avoid replacing many of your furnishings. 

Do you have ants in the pantry? They can be just as destructive as rodents. The fact that their bites also hurt is another reason to get rid of them quickly. An expert has the resources to eliminate the problem and help you ensure their points of entry are blocked.

Why Do I Need the Help of a Pest Removal Company?

You could try your hand at dealing with a pest problem on your own. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on over the counter products. Those methods are also not likely to completely eliminate the infestation. With a professional pest control company in West Kelowna like Responders, you have a team who can make sure your home is pest-free and no longer around to cause damage to the food or the home. 

Do you have any type of pest problem. Contact Responders Pest Control today. Call 888-525-7909 or use the convenient form on our website to request an inspection and quote. After you see us in action the first time, you will never wonder which of the pest control services in West Kelowna or the rest of the area to call again.

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