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Whether you’ve recently moved into the area or lived here most of your life, it pays to know a bit about the type of pests found in Kamloops. Some of them you will recognize immediately. Others will be unfamiliar. By knowing a little about the different types of pests in Kamloops, you can be prepared to identify what’s in your home or garden and find a Kamloops pest control company that can help eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.


Ants seem to be found everywhere, and that’s certainly true of your area. What you may not realize is that there are several different types of ants that may appear in your garden and eventually attempt to get into the home. The more common examples of pests that fall into this category are the black ant, the pharaoh ant, and the odorous house ant. You also want to be on the look out for the carpenter ant, since they will attack woodwork and can cause quite a bit of damage.

Some ants in your garden can be a good thing. That’s because they consume other insects that could damage plants. However, there is no such thing as a good ant in the house. If you see that ants are beginning to find their way into the kitchen or some other part of the home, it’s time to call an expert in pest control in Kamloops and have the home treated.


AphidsAphids are among the types of insect pests that are likely to show up in your vegetable garden or flower beds. They may also settle into some of your decorative shrubs. They thrive on twigs, stems, leaves, and even roots. As they consume matter, they excrete a substance that is fancifully referred to as honeydew. This is a sap that’s sticky and produces a sweet odor. The honeydew leads to the production of mold on the plants, which is the last thing you need.

You also must be concerned about the aphids finding their way into the home. Since they reproduce at a rapid rate, it would be easy for them to take over your house plants and also cause other problems within the house. If you see even one aphid inside or out, it never hurts to contact a local pest control company and arrange for a full inspection.

Black Spot of Rose

Black-Spot-of-RoseThe black spot of rose is technically not one of the types of pests in Kamloops found in the home or garden. It’s actually more a fungus that produces black spots on plants, notably on different types of rose bushes. The fungus can spread to other types of plants, eventually causing the leaves to wither and die.

While not an insect, an expert from a pest control company will know how to contain the fungus and prevent it from spreading to more plants. Depending on how advanced the problem happens to be, it may even be possible to save a bush or other flora that’s already affected.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch-BugsWhile chinch bugs are normally considered to be more of a problem in the eastern part of the country, they are also found in western Canada. They thrive by sucking the sap from different types of grasses. Bentgrasses are among their favourites, but they will settle in and feast on just about any type of grass used for residential lawns.

If you begin to see thin or yellowed patches in the lawn, there’s a good chance chinch bugs are present. That’s because their activity effectively kills sections of grass. They are most active during the summer months, but may remain a problem into the early autumn. Since they can eventually destroy an entire lawn, you want to call a local expert in pest control in Kamloops as soon as you see the first signs of activity. Doing so will save a lot of time and money.

Gypsy Moths

Gypsy-MothsPeople tend to think of moths as more of a nuisance than a severe problem, but some types of moths can be destructive. That’s the case with the gypsy moth. As the name implies, they move from one plant to another and can cause a lot of damage.

The male moths seek to mate with as many females as possible during their short life span of a week. The larvae feed on just about any type of leaves, including evergreens. The amount of damage done to your landscaping will be significant. Since the moths may even find their way into the home and begin to feast on your house plants, you want to call a pest control company and arrange for a professional to visit the home the moment you notice that something is eating any of your indoor or outdoor plants.


MolesMoles create tunnels underneath the garden and your lawn. In some ways, moles can be helpful. That’s because they do tend to eat grubs, earthworms, and several types of insects. From that perspective, a mole does remove some of the threats to your lawn and garden. The problem is caused by the digging, since it can remove soil from around roots and cause the plants to die.

Since moles are active any time of the day or night, it won’t take long for all sorts of issues to appear. Trying to get rid of the moles by yourself is futile. A better option is to have an expert in pest control in Kamloops evaluate the extent of the damage, identify the local of the moles, and arrange to exterminate them.


VolesIf you have moles, there’s a good chance voles will soon follow. Resembling small mice, they tend to use the tunnels the moles create to search for seeds and also to find green plants. Their activity is not limited to the warmer months. Voles are often active during the winter and can do quite a bit of damage even under a blanket of snow.

When you have the expert check for moles, mention the possibility of voles. This is another issue that the exterminator can isolate and remove from your garden.

Rats and Mice

RatsEven a cursory list of common Kamloops pests is sure to mention rats and mice. While some pests may be primarily an issue in the lawn or garden, others can cause quite a bit of damage inside. Mice are likely to attack your packaged foods and leave them ruined. Rats are likely to set up colonies in the walls, the attic, and any other area that is enclosed. Expect the home’s insulation to be ripped apart for use in building nests.

Rats-and-MiceThe destructive nature of mice and rats coupled with their ability to carry diseases makes them a severe threat to the home and anyone living in the house. If you spot a single rat or mouse, call a local Kamloops pest control company immediately. You can bet there are already plenty of vermin in the home that you haven’t encountered yet. Getting rid of them could save the insulation, the electrical wiring, and prevent damage to many of the things stored in the pantry.


SilverfishNo list of pests in this part of Canada is complete without mentioning silverfish. While not much of a threat outside, they can infiltrate a home and cause quite a bit of damage to your stored foods. They tend to thrive on any type of starchy food, but they will also go after processed sugar, flour, and other sources of carbohydrates. They also reproduce at a rapid rate. The only way to bring an infestation under control is to call an exterminator and treat the entire home.

Slugs and Snails

Slugs-and-SnailsWhile not classed as insects, snails and slugs are a threat to your garden. Classed as gastropods, they move with the aid of a foot that is located in the general area of the stomach. A hard shell protects most of the body, and tentacles help them to use the senses of taste and smell to seek food. That food happens to be most parts of your plants. From roots to the leaves and even produce like vegetables or fruits. Call a pest control company the moment you notice snails or slugs in any area of your garden.

Tent Caterpillars

Tent-CaterpillarsThere are three types of tent caterpillars found throughout Canada. The most common one found in the Kamloops area is known as the western tent caterpillar. They are usually a reddish brown in colour, and may have blue spots on their backs. The eggs are laid in large amounts, often in a central location. Wrapped in cocoons, the eggs may be tucked away in trees, along fences, or even in sheltered areas like porch eaves or underneath raised garden boxes.

Western ten caterpillars are especially fond of trees found in the western part of the country. If you have apple, plum, or cherry trees in the yard, they could be damaged significantly. Poplars, willows, and oaks are also a prime feeding ground for these pests. If you see any signs of cocoons on the property, call an expert in pest control in Kamloops immediately.

White Pine Weevils

White-Pine-WeevilsUnlike many other types of pests, white pine weevils produce one generation per year. Evergreens are their primary targets, including the ornamentals found in your landscape. They tend to remain protected in winter by the growth and debris found at the base of many trees. As warmer weather begins to return, they emerge and begin a climb up the trunks. The purpose of the migration is to feed and also to mate.

Most of the eggs are laid in the late spring and will hatch within two weeks. The new weevils will begin to consume bark and other parts of the trees. While any kind of evergreen will do, they are especially likely to attack the mugho pine and the blue spruce commonly found in the western part of Canada. The white, Sitka, and Engelmann spruce trees are also highly likely targets.

The feeding can stunt tree growth as well as cause limbs and branches to malform. The needles are also deprived of nutrition and will yellow and fall, leaving the trees bare. Since they are weakened, there is also a higher risk of disease to those infected trees. Calling a Kamloops pest control company if you see any sign of the weevils is a smart move that could save your landscape.

White Grubs

White-GrubsOf all the possible threats to your landscape, white grubs are considered among the most destructive. The main target is the grass that makes up your lawn. They will feed on the roots of most plants, including the roots of the grass. You can tell that an infestation is taking place if you notice that a certain area of the lawn appears to be somewhat spongy when you walk across it. By pulling back the top layer of grass to expose the soil underneath, you are likely to find quite a few grubs are occupying the space.

While the grubs may burrow deeper during dry weather, they remain closer to the surface when the soil is still moist. Expect a lot of activity after summer rains, especially during August and into the early autumn. If you notice activity, remember than an expert in pest control in Kamloops will know how to find the grubs, remove them from the lawn, and dispose of them with ease.

There are more pests that could be found in the home or the yard. If you suspect that there is any type of pest present, the smartest move is to call a professional. A company offering the best pest control in Kamloops will be able to spot signs of certain types of activity, know how to evaluate the extent of the infestation, and talk with you about how to deal with the situation. No matter what classification of pest, rest assured the expert will have a solution.

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