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Common Household Pests in Kelowna

While you may be familiar with some of the pests that may find their way into your Kelowna home, how much do you know about all the more common infestations? Here are examples of pests found in the area, and what a reliable Kelowna pest control company can do to remove them from your home.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter-Ants The popular name for these ants comes from the fact that they use wood to build nests. They usually go for wood that is weakened by dampness or decay, but will also go for wood that’s dry and has no signs of damage. While the carpenter ants may find enough wood to work with in your yard, they can also find their way into the home. When that happens, you can expect window sills or anything else made of wood to be fair game. That includes antique furniture. Fortunately, and expert in pest control in Kelowna can administer treatments inside and outside that will get rid of the ants.

Pavement Ants

Pavement-Ants Pavement ants tend to settle into cracks in any type of concrete slab or pavement. That includes cracks in the basement floor. They will venture out in search of something to eat. If you have bread crumbs, nuts, or any exposed food in the kitchen, the ants will find it. While the bites do sting, the primary risk is contaminating food that you leave out on the counter. If you see these ants, call an exterminator immediately.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous-House-Ants These types of ants are so named because of the odor they emit when crushed. You may find them settling into open spaces within the walls. They will also thrive in soil. Unlike some other types of ants, these are capable of flying short distances.

These house ants are attracted to food that is left in the open. Your best bet for preventing them from venturing into the home is to make sure you all packages are sealed, or the food is tucked away in the refrigerator. As with pavement ants, the main risk has to do with food contamination.

Bed Bugs

Bed-Bugs Bed bugs are one of the most common reasons homeowners call for professional pest control in Kelowna. The bugs can gain entry to the home in a variety of ways. You may bring them back after staying in a hotel. Someone who has the bugs in their clothing may leave them on your upholstery or bedding. If you love to shop at yard sales or second-hand shops, they may be hidden in clothing, bedding, or upholstered furniture that you purchase.

Fortunately, removing bed bugs is less complicated than ever. Heat treatments are often recommended, since the heat can permeate carpeting, bedding, and upholstery with relative ease. Leaving the job in the hands of a professional is best, since they will know how to find all the areas that are infested, treat those spaces, and ensure your home is pest free.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet-Beetles These types of pests in Kelowna love to bore into carpeting, area rugs, and even any woolen fabrics you have in the home. They thrive on consuming other insects as well as feasting on many types of carpeting materials. In the attic and closets, they may also settle into clothing that you have stored away. They are also known to bore into furniture upholstery, effectively ruining the piece. While you are not in much danger of being bitten, the damage to your belongings can be significant. Call a service and have the home treated if you see any signs that the beetles are present.

Merchant Grain Beetles

Merchant-Grain-Beetles These beetles are likely to get into packaged foods that you keep in the cupboard. Boxes of cereal, packages of cookies, and any type of chocolate are prime examples. While they are more commonly found in food processing facilities, they can also make their way into home kitchens and damage quite a few of your packaged foods. An expert with a local pest control company will know how to detect and eliminate the threat.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost-Beetles These beetles are found on the list of pests that attack just about any type of wood. That includes your floors, cabinetry, and furniture. While there are hundreds of different species, slightly less than two dozen are commonly found in the area. Even so, they can do damage to the home frame as well as your furnishings by burrowing into the wood and laying eggs. Since they are considered secondly only to termites in terms of damaging wood, you will want to call for help as soon as you see any tiny holes with small amounts of dust around the edges.


Cockroaches Cockroaches find their way into the home through drains as well as through tiny openings around windows and doors. Like many types of pests, they are seeking food and shelter from the elements. Basements and crawl spaces are common areas where they hide. You may see some activity during the day, but the cockroaches tend to be most active at night. Along with attacking packaged foods, they carry bacteria and other health threats. You will need professional pest control in city of Kelowna to ensure an infestation is truly eliminated.


Earwigs In the garden, earwigs can actually be helpful. That’s because they consume other insects and pests like aphids. Unfortunately, they will also attack certain types of plants, making them inedible for humans. There is also the potential for them to gain access to the home during the height of the summer. When that happens, they can hide in clothing, bedding, and packaged foods. You will want to call a reliable pest control company and have them exterminated the moment you see any signs of activity.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas Fleas and ticks are likely to infest the yard and get into the home by latching onto your pets. Adults thrive by feeding on blood, while the larvae gain nutrition from just about any type of organic material. Movement and body heat are two of the ways they find your pets and attach themselves.

Ticks Both can transmit tapeworms from pets to humans. They also carry a variety of diseases. Checking your pets and treating them regularly is a great way to minimize risk. Be aware that if you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer months, you could be attacked as well. If you see any signs of fleas or ticks in the home, call an expert in pest control in Kelowna and arrange to have the home treated.

House Flies

House-Flies Flies will gain access to the home through open doors, tiny cracks around window screens, and even through attic vents. While you may consider these types of insect pests more of an inconvenience than anything else, they will thrive on liquids and any type of uncovered food. Since they can carry more than a hundred different types of germs, you want them gone as quickly as possible.


Indian Meal Moths

Indian-Meal-Moths Dried foods attract these types of moths. If they get into the home, be aware they can do a lot of damage to packaged foods in the kitchen pantry. They will also feed on dog food, hard candies, nuts, dog food, and fruits. Unlike some pests, there is not much of a health threat to humans.

You do need to dispose of any foods the moths have attacked, then call a local pest control company to get rid of them.


Millipedes Millipedes tend to stay out of direct light and prefer moist spaces. They are most commonly found outside, but they can find their way into the home through open basement windows. If your basement tends to be damp, they may feel right at home. This particular classification of pest is not known to cause a lot of difficulty inside. A large scale infestation is not likely to happen, and they don’t post much of a health threat. Even so, they are an inconvenience that an exterminator can remove from your home.


Silverfish Silverfish are most likely to enter your home in search of food. They are particularly fond of anything containing carbohydrates and proteins. Textile and paper products may also be damaged by silverfish.

Once in your home, they will infest a number of different areas. They may be found in the backs of bookcases, closets, basements and attics, and other areas where you store food or linens. Since they can reproduce rapidly, you will likely need an expert in pest control in Kelowna to locate all the pests and get rid of them.


Sowbugs Most active at night, sowbugs are not always confined to the yard. If they get into the home, they may hide in house plants and venture out to find food. Their main source of food is dried plant material, like plant leaves. By making sure you prune your indoor plants to remove dead leaves, you create a less attractive environment for the bugs.

While they pose no health threat, you may prefer to call a Kelowna pest control company if you see them inside. Since they are likely to be few in number, it won’t take long to exterminate them.


Spiders No list of common Kelowna pests would be complete without mentioning spiders. Among the roughly 35,000 known species, around 3,000 are found in North America. While not all varieties are poisonous, the bites can still hurt. If you have a problem with spiders in the basement or attic, call for help immediately.


Termites Termites are generally classed as drywood, dampwood, and subterranean. Some are more likely to pose a threat to the home exterior or the wood framework of the home. Others are capable of causing a lot of damage to wooden furniture. If left unchecked, there is a real danger of floor or ceiling joists collapsing. You may also find it necessary to replace wooden facades or shingles if they are part of the home design.

Keep in mind many types of termites can fly and they reproduce rapidly. If you see any sign of termites, call a local pest control company immediately. Like many pests, termites can hide in places that most homeowners would not think to check. A professional knows how to assess the severity of the infestation and what it will take to remove them.


Wasps During warm weather, wasps are likely to build nests in several different areas. You may find a nest in a corner of a porch or somewhere in the attic. Wasps are not necessarily aggressive unless they feel attacked. At that point, they will retaliate with painful stings. Since some people are allergic to wasp stings, it makes sense to remove them as quickly as possible. You will find that a local pest control service will know how to remove these pests in Kelowna safely and efficiently.


Hornets While hornets are more likely to build nests in the hollows of trees, this can be a problem when they infest a tree close to the home. If you like to keep your windows open during late spring or early summer, don’t be surprised if they find their way into the home. Your best option is to have the nest removed. A professional with a Kelowna pest control company has the equipment and the expertise to remove a nest without incurring any type of injury.


Mites Mites are often considered parasites that will latch on to people as well as pets. If homes are infested, the inhabitants are likely to notice rashes on the skin. Depending on the particular type of mite, they can trigger the presence of mange on household pets like dogs. Since the type of treatment required will vary based on the kind of mite present, you will need help from a pest control expert to remove them from the home.

Remember that the best pest control in Kelowna is provided by a service that knows how to handle just about any type of vermin or other common pest. If you suspect that you have some sort of issue or if it’s been some time since the home was inspected, call a service today. Doing so could prevent health issues for you and your family, and minimize the potential for damage to the home.

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