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Spotted Bed Bugs in Your Kelowna Home? Call Us Today

Just like many other communities, Kelowna homeowners sometimes have to deal with pests. One of those pests happens to be bed bugs.

Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed on human or animal blood. Reddish-brown in colour, they are often hard to spot at first. As they grow, the bugs may seem to be nothing more than tiny specks on bed linens, clothing, or carpets. North America is among the many places around the world where the bugs can be found. While not known to carry any diseases, their bites itch and they can make getting a reasonable amount of rest possible.

The bugs can get into the home in many different ways. It’s possible for them to cling to clothing and return with you after a business trip or vacation. They can enter the home on guests who have no idea the bugs are clinging to their clothing. Some get in by attaching themselves to pets that are allowed to come in and out of the home. Even purchasing a used rug or piece of furniture from a yard sale or thrift shop will do, assuming those pieces are infested.

Fortunately, ridding the home of bed bugs is not as difficult as come people think. With the aid of a professional, it’s possible to find where the bugs are located and eliminate them with ease. Using a professional service also means that upholstered pieces, mattresses, and other costly items won’t have to be replaced.

How to Find Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

The most common sign that you have bed bugs in West Kelowna is itching. If you wake up in the morning and find that your skin itches, there’s a good chance that your bed if infested. This is particularly true if you have not recently changed your detergent, body wash, and other products that could also cause some skin irritation.

Noticing tiny red marks on your skin is another sign that the bugs are present. They weren’t there before, but they seem to be getting worse. That’s because the bugs are feeding every night and leaving their marks.

You may notice tiny specks on your sheets. Those specks could be blood marks or they could be excrement left by the bugs. They may even be the shells that the bugs shed from time to time.

Remember that bed bugs don’t limit themselves to beds. You may begin to itch when you sit in your favorite chair or notice that you feel something biting when you attempt to nap on the couch. If your dog scratches a lot and there are no fleas present, that could mean you have bed bugs in the carpeting.

Why Heat Treatment is the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

There are several ways to deal with bed bugs in Kelowna. Chemical compounds have been around for a long time and do a credible job of eliminating the bugs in many areas of the house. Unfortunately, those chemical treatments can trigger reactions in some people and are not capable of getting to eggs and bugs that are deep in the padding under furniture upholstery or the middle of the mattress. If you really want to get rid of all the bugs, the best bet is to call a provider who offers heat treatments.

There are several important benefits to using a bed bugs heat treatment in Kelowna. One has to do with the degree of effectiveness. A professional who controls the temperature and the concentration of the heat will be able to kill many more bugs faster. The fact that the heat can be directed with such precision makes it possible to reach bugs and eggs that are buried deep in mattress coils and upholstery padding. This is important, since the last thing you want is to deal with another infestation when those eggs hatch.

In terms of irritation to humans and household pets, heat poses no danger at all. If there is anyone in your home who is sensitive to chemical treatments in general, the heat treatment will not trigger any type of distress.

When Should I Contact Bed Bugs Exterminator in Kelowna?

Contact our team the moment you notice any type of bed bug activity. We will have someone there quickly and determine how severe the infestation happens to be. Once that’s determined, we will talk with you about the treatment process, provide a quote, and get to work as soon as you give your permission.

Call us today at 888-525-7909 or use the request form on our website. In no time at all, we will be there and start the bed bugs heat treatment in West Kelowna that will rid your home of the pests and allow you to get a good night’s rest once again.

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