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Bed Bugs in Your Kamloops Home? Call Us Today!

The over 90,000 residents of Kamloops are rightfully proud of their community. This area of the Southern Interior boasts the beautiful British Columbia Wildlife Park and the remains of a 2,000 year old village. There’s Kamloops Lake for fishing, boating, and other sporting events. Golf, hiking, and camping are always options. For those who like museums, concerts, and plenty of choices for wine and foods, Kamloops is the place to be. 

Along with so many good qualities, homeowners also must deal with pests from time to time. That includes bed bugs. With Responders Pest Control offering bed bugs heat treatment in Kamloops area, all you have to do is make one call and help will be on the way. 

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed bugs are not dangerous in terms of communicating diseases. Even so, they are considered a health risk. Some people do experience allergic reactions to the bites. The reactions may range from triggering skin conditions to making it difficult to breathe. In many instances, medical attention is necessary to counteract the effects of the bites. 

Other people may not have severe reactions, but the bed bugs are still impacting their health. Since the bugs often feed at night, the activity interferes with sleep. A lack of restful sleep leaves you feeling tired and less capable of facing the day. Over time, you become more irritable and notice that your general emotional state is less than balanced. That can cause problems at home as well as at work or school, since your irritation makes it harder to concentrate. 

What Can Be Done to Remove Bed Bugs?

Removing bed bugs can be a complicated process. Before any efforts can begin, you must find all the places where the bugs are hiding. That’s not as easy as it may seem. They can hide in many places other than bed linens and mattresses. The bed bugs in Kamloops are likely in your clothing, which means the closet is infested. Window treatments and carpeting are other spots where  they may hide. Upholstered furniture can become homes to the bugs. 

Even after you identify all the places where the bugs are found, getting rid of them can be difficult. Anything that can be laundered must be washed in a combination of hot water and a solution designed to kill the bugs. Vacuuming helps but will not complete the job. The only real way to ensure the bugs are gone is to call a professional exterminator and arrange for the home to be treated. 

Questions to Ask Before Getting Bed Bugs Removal Services in Kamloops

Before proceeding with any professional treatments, ask a few questions first. You want to know: 

1. What experience does the exterminator have with bed bugs?

2. What treatment methods are employed?

3. Do those treatments pose risks for my family or pets?

4. How long will it take to get rid of the bugs?

5. What is the cost for the treatments? 

Other questions may come to mind as you talk more with the exterminator. Ask them before agreeing to any treatment or series of treatments. A reputable pest control service like Responders is always happy to provide as much information to clients as they want. 

How We Can Help You Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, Responders Pest Control offers the best in extermination options. We recommend the use of bed bugs heat treatment in Kamloops for several reasons. No chemicals are involved, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions. The heat is concentrated and controlled so the bugs are killed without damaging your belongings. Heat also permeates mattresses and upholstery in ways that other methods cannot. The result is that our approach gets to the eggs and bugs that may be deep in your furniture. Thanks to our heat treatment, you won’t have to replace those furnishings. 

Call us today at 888-525-7909 or tell us about your bed bug problem using the request form on our website. We’ll work with you to set up a time for the inspection, go over the results, and begin the treatments as soon as you provide your permission.

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